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EVS2000 Pricing and Ordering

Price: $399.00 + $35.00 shipping (within the USA)
(NOTE: Please read the FAQ to about learn about our shipping policy.)

USA ORDERS ($35 shipping)

CALIFORNIA ORDERS ($35 shipping +$30.92 Ca. sales tax = $464.92)

2 LITER SYSTEM to CANADA $399+ $55 shipping

2 LITER to Europe, Australia, NZ,
and anywhere other than continental North America $399+ $109 shipping (240 volt@ no additional cost, however you will be required to provide your own power plug
as we can't know exactly which one you will need due to the many different varieties around the world)

We make many more distillers and sizes- please see our
website for more information

(Printable order form also available)

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