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Our Unique Receiver design

The production of a very relatively amount of essential oil requires the distillation of a lot of water. The trick, of course, is how to capture all of that oil and efficiently separate it from the great quantity of "hydrosol" that is generated during the distillation process.

Other essential oil distilling setups require that you constantly watch them, because excess water must be constantly drained off as it is condensed. When the distillation is complete, the contents of the "catch vessel" must then be transferred to a separatory funnel in order to separate the water and oil layers. This is of great concern, because the amount of precious oil captured is so small by comparison to the size of the separatory funnel- a great deal of the oil is spread out on the inside walls of the sep funnel and potentially lost.

We have designed a unique receiver that captures both "lighter-than-water" and "heavier-than-water" oils, and continuously and automatically drains off the water ("Hydrosol") that's being generated as teh distillation progresses !! You can simply send the excess water to the drain and toss it, or it can be collected and used as "Hydrosol" .

Water drips in to the receiver, and as it fills, excess water begins to be removed from the middle of the vessel via the side-pipe. The vent on the side pipe is to prevent siphoning action. As your oil accumulates, it either floats on top or sinks to the bottom of the receiver, while water from the center of the vesel is constantly drained off. The receiver can hold aproximately 20mL of oil.

The Receiver now doubles as the Separatory Funnel:
When the distillation is complete, the teflon valve is carefully opened and the water and oil is then drained and separated into respective vials.
Due to the petite size of the receiver, very little oil is left stuck to the inside walls!

Because it is all automatic, you can start the distillation and walk away for hours at a time, with confidence that everything is going to plan.

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