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  • 5 liter BIOFLASK
  • For those of you who have a lot of herbs to distill, this is the ideal size for making larger runs.The flask need not be filled all the way, so you can do smaller runs with it too!

    Price $150 plus $22 shipping

  • The hydrodistillation kit allows you to do a lot of different varieties of distillation, including:
  • solvent recovery
  • hydrodistillation
  • tincture concentration
  • Conventional distillation

    Kit contains:
  • Adapter tube, 45/50 -24/40
  • Concentrator cap 24/40
  • Mercury thermometer, 360c
  • 24/40 Keck clamp

    Price $75 plus $10 shipping

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  • Various ways to use the adapter kit™:

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